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    Lamb Tikka £3.60

    6 pieces of tender lamb back strap marinated and chargrilled with onions and peppers.

      Chicken Tikka £3.30

      5 pieces of tender breast chicken marinated and cooked over chargrill with onion and peppers.

        Seek £2.80

        2 pieces of mouth-watering minced mutton, mixed with onion, chilli and coriander. Chargrilled.

          Chicken Donner £3.30

          Succulent juicy layers of chicken thigh, marinated using the famous Kebab House spice mix. Spit…

            Donner Kebab £3.30

            Minced meat mixed with our age old recipe, spit roasted to perfection.

              The Mega Stack £5.50

              Juicy chicken steak, 1/4 beef, Donner and Chicken Donner sandwiched between a toasted bun, double…

                Chicken Steak Burger £3.20

                Fresh tender grilled chicken fillet breast served with lettuce and mayo.

                  1/4 Cheeseburger £2.70

                  Juicy chargrilled beef burger with salad and sauce.

                    1/2 Cheeseburger £3.20

                    Juicy double beef burger chargrilled with salad and sauce.

                      Chicken Fillet £3.20

                      Fried fillet with lettuce and sauce.

                        The Meat Feast £4.00

                        Succulent chargrilled chicken steak and 1/4 lb beef, double cheese, salad and sauce.

                          The Donner Stack £4.80

                          Donner and Chicken Donner meat sandwiched in a toasted bun, with melted chedder cheese, lettuce…

                            Poppadom £0.80

                            Irresistible crispy poppadoms. Deep fried.

                              Chicken Pakora £1.80

                              Tender chicken pieces mixed in a spicy batter. Deep fried.

                                Spicy Chicken Wings (5) £3.20

                                5 pieces of our succulent and crispy chicken wings with a touch of spice. Chargrilled…

                                  Chicken Tikka on Bone £4.20

                                  5 pieces of juicy tender chicken on the bone marinated with our special mix. Chargrilled…

                                    Lamb Chops (4) £4.30

                                    4 pieces of tender juicy meat marinated with a special mix of spices. Chargrilled with…

                                      Onion Baji (2) £1.70

                                      Onions, gram flour and spices.

                                        Vegetable Samosa (2) £1.80

                                        2 X Deep fried, vegetable Samosas.  

                                          Meat Samosa (2) £1.80

                                          Minced meat, potatoes, peas and spices. Deep fried.

                                            Jam Rolly Polly £1.90

                                            Jam and sponge layered and perfectly rolled.

                                              Jam Coconut Sponge £2.80

                                              Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry jam, sprinked with coconut.

                                                Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake £2.80

                                                Light and creamy on a biscuit base, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

                                                  Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.20

                                                  Everyone’s favourite cake, full of mouth-watering flavour. Served slightly heated.

                                                    Chicken Tikka Wrap £3.90

                                                    Succulent pieces of chicken tikka wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce and choice of sauces.

                                                      Chicken Steak Wrap £3.90

                                                      2 strips of chargrilled chicken steak in a tortilla with lettuce and mayo.

                                                        Chicken Popcorn £4.50

                                                        10 bite size pieces of tender chicken popcorn served with chips and juice.

                                                          Chicken Nuggets £4.50

                                                          5 pieces of crispy chicken nuggets served with chips and juice.

                                                            Side Salad £1.50

                                                            Fresh salad tray with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cucumber.

                                                              Mediterranean Salad £2.50

                                                              Try our fresh salad tray with feta cheese, iceberg lettuce, red kidney beans, lemon wedges,…

                                                                Caeser Salad £3.90

                                                                Chargrilled chicken strips with romaine lettice, croutons and olives. Garnished with olive oil and cherry…

                                                                  Mix Any 2 £3.90

                                                                  Mix any 2 of your favourite kebab meats!

                                                                    The Kebab House Special £5.80

                                                                    4 chicken tikka, 4 lamb tikka, 1 seek, donner and chicken donner

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                                                                    Donner Kebab

                                                                    Our fresh kebabs made with our age old recipe, spit roasted to perfection

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